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Profitable Success on the Social Engine Landscape Proof Positive – Strategies Over Modelling Yields ROI

“HOW Prepared Are You to Boost Your Online Lead Generation?

Unlock the TRUE POWER And Enjoy REAL RETURNS on The Social

Engines – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and More”

TheBigBreakThroughFourInSocialMedia Profitable Success on the Social Engine Landscape Proof Positive   Strategies Over Modelling Yields ROI

You are probably like most other business and website owners - frustrated that your web marketing efforts seem to be going nowhere.  You are not getting the results you expected from all your online promotional and marketing work.  It’s not just the operational costs either, it’s all the time invested too.  And as the web evolves, it seems more and more time is being taken up trying to sift and sort and filter and connect up with the right leads.

Unless you have been living in the center of the Sahara desert, you would have heard all the buzz about ‘Social Media’ and how it has revolutionalised the way we communicate and how we do now do business online.  Maybe, like many of us, you have tried to get your head around it and maybe you have already (unsuccesfully) invested heavily in it.  And what you have out of it  right now, as a return, is very little more than feeling completely overwhelmed and probably even, already over it.

I know how you feel and I’m SO glad you have connected with this post  today!

The Single Biggest Revolution Since the Invention of the Internet Is Happening Right Now!

Yes, this is the single biggest revolution that forever changes how we communicate, how we do business and how we spend our professional and private time.  Let me get straight to the heart of  it-  the single biggest revolution is the phenomenon of open, bias conversations on Social Engines and it’s here to stay!  Why?  Because it includes websites that people are ‘crazy‘ about going to.  So ‘crazy‘ that it’s like an addiction and it’s definitely a social habit.  And there’s no signs of it stopping any time soon.



The early-adopters, as usual, are enjoying measurable results from their strategic positioning and acceptance in the social engine landscape.  Don’t take my word for it, watch this video for some startling facts and bottom-line RESULTS :
People are flocking, in their multi-millions, every day, to spend hour-after-hour on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendfeed and more.  Collectively, these sites are some of the busiest sites, buzzing with eager people, every second of the day, even while YOU sleep.  There are literally thousands more sites that make up the landscape of the online social engine world.  And that is why business can do so well - there’s a never-ending supply of people and it never closes either. 
The key and the difference is HOW you approach and position yourself, how your develop your profile and how you build your presence.  Are you just doing what everyone else is doing or have you got a clear, concise, measurable plan? 
What have you got in place to lead people off these sites and in to your business funnel?  Are you leaving it to chance, leaving it to previous customers, rumor or hear-say?  OR, are you planning and being strategic like these companies that have an overall strategic marketing plan are, with tracking and measuring mechanisms in place an active yet leveraged profile and presence that’s specifically designed to move your business forward? 
You have to understand, decisions to buy are being made online – particularly on these social websites.  You want to influence those decisions and have the business flow through to you.  Maximum result for minimum effort.
My final thoughts to warn, support, encourage and remind you: 

People Make Buying Decisions Because Of What They ‘Hear’

From Others Just Like Them On Social Engines

Are The YES Decisions Including OR Excluding You?

Would You Like These Decisions To Positively Impact Your Bank Too?


Here’s what you can do right away to align your social engine efforts with a plan for a real return:

1)   Facebook – get a Page set up asap and ensure you complete ALL the information tabs, including a person who ‘owns/operates it’.  Search for Groups and other Pages you can make a positive, helpful contribution to.  Read the history in these groups and on these pages, paying particular attention to the potential for positive references to influence buying behaviour.  Network in a friendly, helpful manner.  People embrace good behavior quickly and banish bad behavior equally quickly.

2)  Twitter – search for other users via topic (hashtag) and connect with them.  Don’t look at Twitter like a digital advertising billboard. Take a genuine interest in striking up meaningful conversations and exchanging ideas and/or ooffering help – even to a perceived competitor.  In the early stages, make time to understand leaders on topics and in  niches. Make some notes on hot and trending topics that are relevant to you.  Write a blog about it/them.

3)  LinkedIncomplete your Profile to 100%.  Connect with suppliers/vendors, customers, colleagues that already know you.  Ask those that know you well to make a recommendation for you.  Add your blog feed and list any events you have coming up.  Search and join two groups on a topic directly related towhat you do.

4)  You Tube – create your own channel (url should be consistent with your business brand).  Use keywords to search for videos relevant to what you do.  View and select the top 5 and leave a video message comment on them.  Also, make a notation (file) of keywords that your top 5 use for their channel and individual videos.  Subscribe to your favorite channels and send a message to introduce yourself.

These tips are basic strategic moves to help position you for maximum success with minimal effort.  Consider this a new beginning.  It is time to stop wasting your precious money and resources on the Social Engines and instead – invest the next 30 days developing a strategic plan that is leveraged, built to last and delivers bucks directly in to your bank!  It is time, to make THAT promise to yourself!

Do you have some other strategic tips you would like to share too?

We would LOVE to promote you.  Please share them via the comments box below.


jenniearmato 05black Profitable Success on the Social Engine Landscape Proof Positive   Strategies Over Modelling Yields ROI
Jennie Armato (affectionately known as The Godmother of the Internet) is Head Coach and Success Mentor at Web Business Academy.
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  1. Your are brilliant Jennie and thank you for making a difference in so many peoples future!!


    Jennie Armato Reply:

    Hey Michael

    Thank heaps for your vote of confidence and your never-ending awesome support.

    Cheers, Jen xo
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